Graduation Cap, Hood, & Gown

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    If you need to buy a degree certificate to update your CV, it is now possible with Confidential We also offer degrees such as bachelors, masters, and Phd’s with matching graduation garments. Yes, you can order from us. You graduation cap, hood, and gown will also be based on the degree you chose.

    Graduation Cap, Hood and Gown Fees

    Cap, Hood, & GownDescription
    Graduation Cap (USD$ 250)Available in several size. Small / Medium / Large and is subject to available. Small 54-55 cm, Medium 56-57 cm, Large 58 cm and over Please note that we send Graduation Cap separate from your order and it might take longer time.
    Graduation Hood (USD$ 150)This graduation hood will be associated to your level of degree and your major of study. Please note that we send Graduation Hood separate from your order and it might take longer time.
    Graduation Gown (USD$ 550)See Table Below for size specification, Black Color (Some Major might have different color), Please note that we send Graduation Gown separate from your order and it might take longer time.

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    Height (feet)SizeLength (centimeters)Weight (lbs.)Dress Size
    4’6″-4’8″S137.2-142.2cm180 lbs39
    4’9″-4’11″S144.8-149.9cm180 lbs42
    5’0″-5’2″S152.4-157.5cm180 lbs45
    5’3″-5’5″M160-165.1cm180 lbs48
    5’6″-5’8″M167.6-172.7cm180 lbs51
    5’9″-5’11″M175.3-180.3cm270 lbs54
    6’0″-6’2″N182.9-188cm270 lbs57
    6’3″-6’5″L190.5-195.6cm270 lbs60
    6’6″-6’8″L198.1-203.2cm330 lbs63
    6’9″-6’11″L205.7-210.8cm330 lbs66

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