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    Accredited Online Degrees for Your Next Job

    Accreditation of online degrees serves as a guarantee that students attending that school will receive quality education. Education is expensive and attaining accredited online degrees is a wise way of investing your money. Choosing accredited degrees is important since it will influence your entry in to the job market.

    Most employers tend to hire people with accredited online degrees only. Therefore you might end up missing on great job opportunities if you get your degree from an institution that has not been accredited. Also some professional bodies recognize accredited degrees only. Therefore it is important to ensure that you get your degree from an accredited institution. Education costs a lot of money and time and therefore it is important you choose wisely.

    Before registering at any online school, it is important to first consider whether they are offering accredited online degrees. Below are steps, that can help one determine, whether a degree is accredited or not.

    How to Identify Accredited Online Degrees

    Step 1 Identify schools for accredited online degrees The first step is to identify a specific online school that is offering your course you want to pursue. There are a lot of schools to choose from on the internet therefore you should not have a hard time deciding which one suit you best. Once you have identified the school, check the list of courses the school is offering. Go through them to ensure that your course is listed among them.

    If it’s not, look for another school. Don’t forget to check the course, not every school will be offering the course you want to pursue. If they don’t have the list of courses on their website, you could consult them directly and inquire more about it. After you are sure that the school offers the degree, the next thing is to determine whether the school offers accredited online degrees. Step 2 Check the schools’ websites for accredited online degrees Check the schools website for details of accreditation. Usually after accreditation, the schools will post these details on their website.

    Check when the school was accredited. The date should appear on the website indicating the day, month and the year. Other information that you should take note of is the name of the accrediting agency or a list of accrediting agencies. Accreditation can be done by more than one agency. It’s usually done by a body of the government or a private organization. Take note of this detail as you will require it later in the verification process. If the school is accredited, this is a good sign that it offers accredited online degrees.

    Step 3 Find out if the courses you want are accredited online degrees Determine whether the respective degree you want to pursue has been accredited. Finding out whether the school want to study in is accredited is not enough. Sometimes the school may introduce a new degree to its curriculum after accreditation. Any degrees introduced after accreditation will not be considered as accredited online degrees.

    Therefore check the date when the school started offering the degree and compare it with the date of accreditation. If it was at a later date you may consider finding out more about any further accreditation. Make inquiries to get more information if what is provided is inadequate. Step 4 Check the credibility of accredited online degrees After checking the accreditation details, the next thing will be to check the credibility of the accrediting agency/ agencies. Try and find out about the reputation it has. Look for information such as how long it has served as an accrediting agency, qualifications and certifications. You can search the internet for a list of certified accrediting agencies.

    Step 5 Search for the list of institutions offering accredited online degrees Search the internet for a list of accredited institutions. There should be a site or sites providing this information. Check through the list to determine whether the school you chose is on it. If it appears then this is a good sign that it is offering accredited online degrees. If it does not appear then consider looking for another school. If you want high quality education, don’t register until you are sure the degree is accredited. Step 6 Start the registration process for your accredited online degrees If you pass through all the steps and are sure that the school is offering accredited online degrees, then you can go ahead and start the registration process on the schools site. If you didn’t get adequate information to determine whether the school is accredited or not, don’t register yet. Ask help from more experienced individuals or bodies in charge of higher learning. You could also ask help from the relevant professional bodies. They could recommend a few institutions that they are sure provide accredited online degrees.

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